Ten policy recommendations for the G20 states in order to strengthen and protect consumers in digital markets

Recently a G20 summit took place, resulting a.o. in recommendations for the G20 states in order to strengthen and protect consumers in digital markets:

• Equal rights online and offline
• Digital providers must be held to account
• Access to affordable and good quality internet for all
• Information about digital products and services must be easy to access and understand
• Clear and fair terms of use
• Digital education and awareness must be stepped up
• Protection against fraud and abuse
• Control over personal data and privacy
• Effective redress and claims for damages
• Promotion of competitive markets

In German it sounds even nicer, see this pdf. It speaks about liability of providers, “Haftung von digitalen Dienstleistern” and about “Effektive Rechtsdurchsetzung und Schadenersatz“.

Probably it will take a long time before this is realized.

More information: this article


Over Ellen Timmer, advocaat ondernemingsrecht @Pellicaan

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