Nieuwe wijzigingen van de antiwitwaswetgeving op komst / FATF consultatie inzake typologieën ten behoeve van juristen | Proposal for a new Anti-Money Laundering Directive, FATF Consultation

Uit de nieuwsbrief van de Europese advocatenorganisatie CC BE blijkt dat de Europese Commissie en de FATF druk bezig zijn met het antiwitwasdossier. In de laatste CCBE nieuwsbrief is de volgende informatie te vinden.

Proposal for a new Anti-Money Laundering Directive
The European Commission aims to present a proposal for a new Anti-Money Laundering Directive towards the end of November 2012.  In July, the Commission submitted its impact assessment on the existing Directive. The impact assessment is not publicly available at this stage as it will only be made available at the same time as the Commission proposal is published.   The CC BE has sent a number of papers to the Commission regarding the problems with the current Directive and suggestions for the forthcoming Directive.  It is expected that the revised Directive will also incorporate the changes made to the Revised FATF 40 Recommendations that were concluded on 16 February.

Michaud case
In January 2011, a French lawyer, Patrick Michaud, took a case to the European Court of Human Rights to complain about the lack of conformity with the Convention between the rules on suspicious reporting and the right to legal advice. This is the first case before the Strasbourg Court on the question of compatibility between the lawyer’s reporting duties under the money laundering legislation and Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.  The CC BE has been admitted as an intervening party in this case, and the CC BE intervention was sent to the Court of Human Rights in March. On 2 October, a hearing took place on the admissibility of the proceedings.  A decision on admissibility will be issued at a later stage.

FATF Consultation
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has started a new typology project that will look at Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing vulnerabilities with regard to the legal profession.  The FATF prepared a questionnaire which is aimed specifically at the legal profession.  The questionnaire deals with:

• The application of anti-money laundering requirements
• Perceptions of risk and advice to members
• Supervision of members and ethical expectations
• Relationships with Financial Intelligence Units

On 4 October, the CC BE sent the questionnaire to delegations inviting member Bars and Law Societies to respond.   It is believed that it is best that each national Bar and Law Society completes the questionnaire, as the questions require responses from a national perspective.  The FATF has requested that replies be sent before the deadline of 2 November 2012. For further information, please contact Peter Mc Namee (

Aanvulling 5 november 2014
Vandaag heeft de IBA bekend gemaakt dat een AML-gids voor juristen is uitgebracht, lees dit bericht.


Over Ellen Timmer, advocaat ondernemingsrecht @Pellicaan

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